Mass Torts

Since the inception of the mass tort programs (MTP) in Philadelphia and New Jersey, the Lavin firmís attorneys have acted as national, regional and local counsel in products, environmental and toxic tort mass tort litigation. We have provided extensive and knowledgeable representation in more than a dozen mass tort litigation matters.

Mass torts are distinguished from other personal injury claims by several distinct features: large claims associated with a single product or a single event; a commonality of factual issues among a large number of claimants; and common legal and technical issues.

Using our specialized knowledge of the courtsí rules, practices and procedures, we counsel our clients on MTP designation, including improved coordination of litigation nationwide and reduction of costs because of the coordination. Consistent arguments are crafted, and expert witnesses versed in industrial hygiene, epidemiology and risk assessment prepare unified information supporting clientsí positions.

In mass tort litigation, as we plan our trial strategy:

  • Claims with common, recurrent issues of law and fact are handled in a consistent manner so that the parties can avoid duplicative and/or inconsistent rulings and orders with regard to discovery.
  • Pleadings, motions, written discovery and depositions are streamlined, which results in greater efficiency.
  • Issues of insurance, limits on assets and potential bankruptcy are addressed in coordinated proceedings.

The firmís lawyers have defended clients in asbestos, benzene, breast implant, hormone therapy, pharmaceutical and device litigation.

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