Premises Liability

The Lavin firm represents clients in a variety of premises and landowner liability issues. These matters include slip and fall injuries, asbestos, fire loss and other claims of negligence, involving both personal injury and property damage. Our clients include a major telecommunications company, a property management company, a gasoline marketer, hotels and franchises, manufacturers and insurance companies.

These issues are often resolved by arbitration, a lower-cost mechanism to settle disputes without protracted litigation. Working with our clients to achieve their desired goals through arbitration creates opportunities for less experienced lawyers to work on these matters under the guidance of more senior lawyers. Clients value our approach, since it generally reduces the cost of handling so-called “nuisance” cases. Of course, the firm also handles very large cases as well.

Examples of premises liability cases we’ve resolved include: 

·        Slip and fall cases on retail premises

·        Slip and fall cases arising out of allegations of failure to properly remove snow and ice from rental properties

·        Exposure to asbestos-containing products on the premises of a manufacturer of non-asbestos products

·        Mold and insect infestation


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